About Zaika

Zaika is a Multi Cuisine Pure Vegetarian restaurant located at Spoorti Resort & Club in Vijayapura. Spoorti Resort is promoted by Siddharth Reality India Private Ltd (SRIPL). With Zaika and Spoorti, Siddharth envisions creating one of the best lifestyle destinations in Vijayapura and North Karnataka .

Zaika means the experience of having heavenly food. Zaika is a specialty pure vegetarian, multi cuisine restaurant, offering one of the best vegetarian dining experiences in Vijayapura and North Karnataka. The restaurant unravels a variety of delectable dishes featuring a sense-awakening, multi-spice menu. Whether one is out with the family or with business associates, Zaika continues to delight its loyal customers as well as those on their first visit. The restaurant is set in an elegant ambience with both indoor and outdoor options.

We Have Vijaypura's Best Buffet Treat Everyday

At just 349+GST, enjoy ultimate choices on variety of foods with our themed food stations.


Goals & Vision

Speak to any of our team members cooks , servers or managers and you'll realize one thing, that each one wants to put a smile on the face of every guest who walks through the doors of Zaika. For the patrons of Zaika, we organize live music performance by a singer every weekend; as well as on Wednesdays.

Our Chief Mr. Praveen Kumar is a Kitchen legend. Behind the flash of the Fusion Food there's always his brilliance. Always appreciated by guests, he is one of the best cooks in the business. Garnishing of food is one of his most liked skills. He has great experience in handling high volumes and maintaining quality, for banquets.

We are gearing up to have food festivals of various cuisines for the Vijayapura foodies to come and indulge their senses.