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Birthday is a very special time. Live your special day to the fullest and discover all the beauty it holds. Spoorti has the best birthday venues in town, weather the event is small or big Spoorti has the perfect fit.


Indian weddings are grand in stature and a once in a life event affair for the couple and their family. Spoorti offers spacious and exotic wedding venues with different capacities. Spoorti is one of the best wedding destinations in North Karnataka.


Wedding receptions are glittering affairs. The reception venues at Spoorti have the space for a grand stage, glittering lights and beautful floral decorations.


Sangeet Ceremony nowadays is one of the most important pre-wedding ritual conducted before the main day of wedding. Spoorti as sangeet venue is most preferred for having fun all throughout the evening.

Kitty Parties

Kitty parties are special occasion for ladies. They gossip and live those moments fully. Being among the leading kitty parties venues in Vijaypur, we assure to make your party memorable. Our resort is in a very tranquil location which helps you to enjoy your day to the fullest.

Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremony or Namkarana is an auspicious day of celebration for the blessed couple's family. A name is decided by parents after a lot of thought. Choose Spoorti to plan and celebrate naming ceremony.

Baby Shower

Baby shower is an exciting and eventful time for a mother waiting for her little bundle of joy. Expecting mother's family gets together to bless her with different themes and ideas. At Spoorti, we have convenient venues to conduct a Baby Shower.

Social Functions

Social events such as family get togethers, thread ceremonies, school or college alumni meets, official fun fairs, live music shows, farewell parties, fresher parties, annual gatherings and many such events of any size are best celebrated at Spoorti.