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Spoorti has proud to announce that it is affiliated with 60+ prestigious clubs across India and Abroad.

Affiliation with a club means that Spoorti Club members can use the facilities of that club and the members of that club can use the facilities of Spoorti.

Rooms at those clubs will be offered to Spoorti members at the same terms that they are offered to their members.

There are clubs with which Spoorti is affiliated, which are very prestigious, where the membership is very high and sometimes not even available.

The terms of reciprocal arrangements are signed with various clubs on a one to one basis and may vary from club to club.

All the agreements are available in our office.

If probably would be a record of sorts that a new private club in its first year has got so many affiliations. In fact we are very choosy. We have not signed agreements with clubs which don’t have facilities of a certain standard , otherwise by now we would have crossed 100 affiliations.

Need your support at all times to make Spoorti a unique family destination.

Spoorti Club Membership is precious than ever as it gives privileged access to Leisure Clubs across India ranging From Mumbai, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and many other states. Now when you are planning a family or business trip to these locations, be relaxed to enjoy the amenities and quality time.

To know more Visit: https://www.spoorti.in/membership/affiliations

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